Eileen Durey to Speak at CFA Society Boston Sustainable Investing Conference on "Private Client, Endowment, and Foundation Discussion"

June 21, 2023
June 21, 2023

Eileen M. Durey, CFP®, Senior Investment Officer and Head of Sustainable Investing at Hemenway Trust Company will speak at the CFA Society Boston's new thematic Spring Half-Day Conference.

The inaugural half-day conference focuses on ESG considerations and integrations in the Fixed Income space. The content will provide both experienced and novice ESG practitioners with an opportunity to hear about the emergent methodologies, regulations and dynamics shaping the integration of ESG into Fixed Income, securities, markets, products and services.

About the Session - Private Client, Endowment, and Foundation Discussion

The panelists will discuss the challenges of ESG fixed income investment for “end investors” across the private client, endowment and foundation landscape. This session is focused on manager research and asset allocation to achieve values alignment for different client types. It should complete the chain of sustainable fixed income considerations starting with regulators, issuers and institutional investors in earlier panels.


  • Eileen M. Durey, CFP®, Senior Investment Officer and Head of Sustainable Investing at Hemenway Trust Company
  • Scott Perry, CAIA, Head of OCIO Investment Strategy, NEPC

Eileen M. Durey, CFP®

Eileen Durey is a Senior Investment Officer and the Head of Sustainable Investing at Hemenway Trust Company. She develops tailored investment strategies for high net worth individuals, families, foundations, and endowments.

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