Investment Management

Our goal is to preserve and grow our clients’ wealth through a sound investment management philosophy and best practices. We are committed to a long-term investment approach using a diversified portfolio of holdings that spans asset classes and industry sectors and integrates sophisticated estate and tax planning strategies.

As of December 31, 2023, Hemenway Trust Company, together with Hemenway & Barnes LLP, had fiduciary responsibility for over $7.7 billion of client assets. With no products or investment funds to sell, we have the independence to do what is best for our clients.

Our Investment Approach

As a client, you have direct access to your wealth advisor, an experienced professional dedicated to knowing you and your family as well as your financial goals and individual aspirations. Accordingly, we tailor an asset allocation and investment strategy to meet each client's unique requirements, including risk tolerance, investment objectives and financial needs.

Our investment management process, which combines discipline, critical analysis and common sense, is designed to identify investments that will meet your goals and objectives over the long term.


Equity portfolios are intended to preserve and enhance client wealth. Typically, we invest directly in common stocks issued by high-quality companies with reliable earnings, broad exposure to global markets, a history of dividend growth and strong balance sheets.

Fixed Income

We view a bond portfolio as a source of liquidity, a dependable source of income and a hedge against economic downturns that negatively affect equity investments. We avoid credit risk and invest in fixed income instruments issued by the United States Treasury, highly rated companies, or states and local municipalities.

Alternative Investments

Beyond stocks and bonds, and where it is warranted, we expand the range of portfolio investments to include other asset classes, including venture capital, commercial real estate, private equity, commodities and hedge funds. Alternative assets provide diversification and, in the case of private equity, have longer investment horizons and a potential for higher returns.

ESG and Impact Investing

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) analysis has become an increasingly important part of our diligence process as a way to garner a more comprehensive understanding of the companies in which we invest, with a focus on factors including reputational risk, regulatory developments, and megatrends such as climate change/price of carbon.

A key difference in our approach to ESG/impact investing is that we structure each client’s portfolio according to that client’s values and priorities for environmental, social and governance concerns. Learn more about our approach to ESG and Impact Investing.

Our Investment Team

Our internal investment team develops tailored investment strategies for high net worth individuals, families, foundations and endowments. Senior members of the team have decades of experience conducting investment research and due diligence across multi-asset classes. The team qualifications include a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, a Chartered Financial Analyst, and FINRA Series 7 and 66 licenses.

Hemenway Trust Company also partners with outside investment advisors and researchers who are experts in their respective asset classes. They share their perspective, research and insight, which, in turn, help inform Hemenway Trust Company’s investment decisions. This third-party perspective serves to validate, clarify and refine our investment approach and ensure the best results for our clients. We are free to make independent judgments, unclouded by conflict because we do not offer proprietary investment vehicles.

Learn more about our investment approach

At Hemenway Trust Company, our investment approach is based on several over-arching principles.

Investment News

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