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Financial Planning

Perhaps your goals include retiring early, buying a vacation home or pursuing another life dream. If you are like many others, you are also concerned with your children's education and providing for your family in case of your death. Whatever your life goals, financial planning helps you understand and achieve them. 

So What Is Financial Planning?

It is a systematic and comprehensive approach to financial security through proper analysis, planning and management of your financial resources.

Comprehensive financial planning includes:

  • Investment planning
  • Tax planning
  • Education planning
  • Risk management/insurance planning
  • Retirement planning, and
  • Estate planning.

Our Approach

Hemenway Trust Company can help you develop a clear picture of your financial situation and a comprehensive plan to achieve your goals. Our financial planners, tax professionals and investment advisors will:

  • Analyze your financial information using sophisticated financial modeling tools
  • Advise on federal and state tax issues
  • Guide your investment allocation and options
  • Consult Hemenway & Barnes LLP attorneys on estate planning issues
  • Coordinate with insurance providers to ensure appropriate coverage.

Financial planning is a process; it does not end when you complete your initial plan.  Changes in your life circumstances, such as marriage, the birth of a child, changes in tax regulations or sale of a business, require regular assessment and revisions to your plan.  We recommend a periodic review to ensure it is still in line with your financial situation and life goals.

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