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Trust & Fiduciary Services

For generations, people of means have made the private trust the cornerstone of their wealth management strategy. They have used trusts as a means to distribute their wealth in accordance with their personal goals and family’s needs, protect and preserve their assets, ensure the well-being of their family and share their wealth to make this world a better place. 

Trusts make sense now more than ever.  Regardless of your family history, business or personal interests, trusts are widely used and valued for their outstanding benefits:  flexibility, privacy, asset protection and wealth preservation and transfer.

What Is A Trustee And What Is Our Role?

As a corporate trustee, Hemenway Trust Company plays a key role in the fulfillment of your trust’s mission. Our trust professionals ensure that your goals are faithfully carried out, year after year, and often, generation after generation. 

Our role can be as varied as the goals of the trust.  In short, we:

  • meet the needs of the beneficiaries
  • ensure the safeguarding and distribution of assets
  • plan for taxes and,
  • grow and manage investments.

Estate and Trust Administration

Delivering first class trust administration and estate settlement is a critical component of our trust services. Hemenway Trust Company, together with Hemenway & Barnes LLP, handles every aspect of these services including:

Trust Administration

  • Collect and distribute income
  • Process transactions
  • Generate reports and statements, and
  • Prepare income tax returns.

Estate Settlement

  • Serve as an executor of a client's estate
  • Assume responsibility for Probate Court proceedings
  • Prepare estate tax returns, and
  • Value and dispose of assets.

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